5 Reasons to Still Wear Jewellery While You’re Stuck at Home

At S&S Argento we are strong believers that wearing your jewellery can uplift your spirits, your mood and improve your overall day! Making it super important not to neglect your jewels during lockdown. Carey, from our Edinburgh store, has put together her top reasons for us.


1. Try on every piece of jewellery you have and see what really works for you. I’m guilty of using the same pieces 99% of the time and forgetting about the rest. Take this as an opportunity to sort through your collection and perhaps put some new pieces on display.



2. It can make you feel more like yourself! If you are like me, you normally like to wear jewellery every day. I find wearing my favourite bracelet and some earrings, even paired with my favourite yoga pants, helps to make me feel better when I get ready in the morning.


3. Dress up for yourself. Even if you are at home alone, put on as many of your favourite pieces on. Take pictures to share on Insta and Facebook or just to keep for yourself. You are never too old to play dress up!

Nomination Charm Bracelet

4. Add some glamour to your next video call. I love dressing up for my Friday night group calls with my best friends. Getting ready is always the best part of going out anyway.


5. Take this extra time to experiment with your outfits, wear combinations of clothes and accessories you would never normally have the time to put together.

Pilgrim Pearl Necklace

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